ZURU – X-Shot Turbo Fire & Fury 4 Micro


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The turbo fire is the answer to all blaster prayers. It combines fire Power, speed in action, and accuracy All in one blaster. Unleash 20 darts in seconds with the Slam fire option or take out opponents up to 90ft away Thanks to the incorporated pop-up sight. This blaster gives you the chance to sharp-shoot opponents from the distance or unleashes a hellfire of darts on them in close quarters.

Aim your gun and shoot your opponents! Excessive power in your hands just pulls the trigger enough to defeat your opponents in the heart of a healthy and safe fight. You can safely shoot your opponent and win the battle using the uniquely designed X-Shot arrows. The X-Shotgun has high accuracy and shooting speed that can be easily aimed and fired. In this collection, there are 3 guns called Turbo Fire, Fury4, and Micro with different sizes. Turbo Fire is the largest rifle and holds up to 20 rounds of ammunition; The Fury4 rifle has a rotating barrel and you can put 4 foam bullets inside it, and the small Micro pistol also has the possibility of placing 1 bullet inside the barrel and holding another bullet in the upper part of the rifle. Each gun fires an arrow with each shot. To fire, just arm your gun and then push the trigger. Age: 8 Years+!

  • X-SHOT Turbo fire: the turbo fire is the answer to all blaster Prayers, combining fire Power, speed in action, and accuracy All in one blaster!
  • Slam-fire function: with the turbo fire’s slam fire blasting, you can unleash 20 darts in less than 10 seconds upon your opponent!
  • Pop-up sight: The incorporated pop-up sight gives the shooter the ability to take out targets up to 90 feet away!
  • Mega-capacity: the X-SHOT Turbo fire has a crazy 20-dart Capacity barrel, which combined with slam-fire functionality, creates a hell-fire of darts!
  • X-SHOT promise: our mission is to deliver unbeatable value to our fans worldwide. Our ‘up your game’ Promise is to provide a combination of design excellence, market-leading quality, and unbeatable prices.


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