The Best Toys For Kids in 2022

The Best Toys For Kids in 2023

As the year 2022 rolls around, kids will be playing with some pretty fun toys and games. Whether they’re playing in the park or running around the backyard, certain toys are sure to bring hours of joy and entertainment to their little lives.

Top 5 Toys in 2022

Below are five of our picks for the best toys of 2022, including toy guns and silicone molds!

Nerf Guns With Vests:

In a bid to improve accuracy, manufacturers have introduced blasters with vests that help stabilize and balance movements.

Nerf Laser Ops:

Based on an eye-wear concept, these accessories use lasers as opposed to darts and often come packaged with mobile apps that enhance gameplay

Nerf Laser Ops

Finger Puzzles:

Introducing dexterity-based puzzles into playtime, these aren’t just fun but also incredibly good for children with fine motor coordination issues.

Screen Games:

Consoles that allow children to play against friends or rivals from all over the world.

TV-Backed Gaming:

Not too dissimilar to handheld gaming, TV-backed gaming allows players to enjoy games while sitting on their couch at home instead of at a table.

A Snapshot of Today’s Top Toy Trends

Today’s toy trends are very different from those of 10 years ago. While classic toy characters like Barbie and Hot Wheels remain popular. Today’s kids are clamoring for toys that combine physical activity with technology.

Silicone molds from companies like Iconic Forever have proven to be two of 2021’s top-selling toys. These mold sets can be used for crafting and silicone trays, but also provide hours of fun, helping kids develop strong hand-eye coordination.

Toy guns aren’t all bad:

Despite ongoing political debates regarding gun control, not every kid out there wants to play with dolls or makeup kits when they sit down to play.

Is Violence on TV and YouTube Influencing Kids?

If you’re worried about your child having violent tendencies, it might be tempting to remove them from TV and YouTube.

That’s not a bad idea.

There is research showing that exposure to violence can make kids more aggressive. But TV also provides valuable information about their world, including events that happen around them.

You can guide your children’s learning by regulating their screen time and getting them involved in creative play such as with NERF BLASTERS and SILICONE MOLDS . These toys allow for hours of fun but also help them learn how to work together as a team, plan strategy, and execute an action without giving into frustration or anger.

What Will be The New Hot Toys of 2023?

Yes, there are more and more high-tech toys coming out each year. But that doesn’t mean it’s too late to play with toys that your parents loved when they were kids. Experts suggest that these classic games are perfect for developing hand-eye coordination and social skill. Two things you don’t want to skimp on when kids are young.

The Best Part?

Your kids will have a blast playing with them too!

Here Are a Few of Our Favorites.

List of Most Popular Toys for Boys in 2022

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